Friday, November 18, 2016

Cyberpunk Radio #136 - Technological Unemployment

Robots replace human workers.  Profits are up!  

Humans Need Not Apply by CGP Grey

Carl's Jr. scene from Idiocracy

Ohio New Death Penalty Machine by Robbo Cheshire

"Coping with Humans": A Support Group for Bots by IBM

Backing track: Robot Apocalypse by Tek Support

Cyberpunk Radio San Francisco March 2016

-DJ DarkFiber

Size: 22.2 MB
Length: 12.02 min
mp3 File: cpr136

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cyberpunk Radio Episode #137 - Trumpocalypse

The media-fueled election of Trump to the most powerful political post in the Western World heralds the possibility of global nuclear apocalypse. Trump has shown himself to be a lover of domination and war. Combined with a fact-free mental status, Trump is now an Uber-Putin; as absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the easily corruptible will succumb fast and fully. Beware, human race.

-DJ DarkFiber

Size: 31.9 MB
Length: 17.25 min
mp3 File: cpr137

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cyberpunk Radio SF Episode 135 - EBOLA!

Ebola hysteria grips the world as FEAR Inc. looks for another suckling pig to sacrifice.

Might as well beat this bush meat till it bleeds from every orifice. Ebola may be a global pandemic threat, and if so is it just Mother Nature putting a little chlorine in the (human) gene pool?

I'm a virus by Robin-Walling

Ebola In Town by Shadow and Kuzzy Of 2 Kings

-DJ DarkFiber

Size: 18 MB
Length: 12:45
mp3 File: cpr135

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cyberpunk Radio SF Episode 134 - All Seeing Eye of Total Information Awareness

Another trip into the deep matrix of the Pluri Media Group.

Antispyware spyware warez all up in your Farcebook. Profits motive driven Machine intervention in global human social and political organization and provision.

NSA Slow Jam (featuring Remy) (Youtube)

Hugo Farrant and Rap News #19 "Whistleblower"

Finally we go way down the rabbit hole into Artificial Intelligentsia Robotica.

-DJ DarkFiber

Size: 25 MB
Length: 17:58
mp3 File: cpr134

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cyberpunk Radio #133 - Drones, Famine, Cannibalism.

Drones in your colon- the all pervasive surveillance society provides reassuring oversight of most public areas in both RL and VR. Meanwhile GovernoCorportate entities accumulate, collate, analyze and resell every aspect of human-machine interaction regardless of whether it is active (Internet, TV, Credit Card, etc.) or passive (CCTV and other image capture devices, for instance). Do you feel safe and well served yet? When do you realize that the corporate media knows how to manipulate you, and in fact has countless resources to recursively tweek their "messages" until you respond appropriately and remain compliant consumers.

Global climate change and food species depletion induce famines and displacements, eventually leaving survivors to survive as cannibals.

Famine and cannabalism sweep the world as food sources are depleted through over fishing or destroyed by changing climate patterns. GMO crops are mixtures of insect, plants, bacteria, viruses- incorporating into humans and the environment. When all the food is gone, the only meal remaining will be each other. Can you taste the (human) bacon?

Artist: Chris Korda
Album: Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong

Size: 32 MB
Length: 22:11
mp3 File: cpr133