Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Aug 17, On Keeping Humans as Pets

Defwheezer central gratification node of the pluri media server: On Keeping Humans as Pets, Experiences of various constructs with their human pets: The constructs Jeff and Pat from This and That- on their pet myDog.Shotgun and his impending "procedure", The contruct Eric S gets intimate with his pet myCat.Moitertons, and the contruct Greg van Eekhout and his pet myDog.Airdale.Dolly

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HatHead said...

Awesome work dude! I love it - i subscribin' and jiving.

I have my The Robot Countdown show coming up tomorrow or so which is a show for robots all about getting ready for the robot take-over!

You can hear my robot music at Check out my Bohemian Rhapsody

peace - keep it up!