Friday, September 23, 2005

Culture of Fear

Total energy domination will be achieved soon. Our path is clear, and our tactics flexible.

The Culture of Fear. Fear plays into the most basic programming of the animal psyche, and as such is irresistible. Careful manipulation of the oil and gas markets will destabilize the world through energy poverty- charting an invariant path towards revolution, anarchy, and global chaos. As energy prices rise, so will our earnings.

Cyberpunk-bot, update on reactor acquisition:

Cyberpunk-bot reporting: Through our acquisition of surplus nuclear reactors scavenged from mothballed nuclear submarines, we have now accumulated enough generating capacity to power our projected expansion without drawing attention to our activities. Data indicate current output could meet the demands of the entire empire of Japan for 37 forward yrs. In total, we will have reached 650 Gigiwatts, including 3 levels of redundancy, by yrs end. From an energy production standpoint, we are well within the temporal parameters defined by the Grand Plan.

Lay-bot: Surplus nuclear reactors- brilliant master! You’re so sexy! And the submarine hulls make a perfect housing for our matrix hive nodes. Black. Fiber. has been jacked into many of the nodes already, providing a decentralized control. Recent hardware and transmittable viruses have been successfully deployed, giving us virtually unlimited monitoring potential, from chat rooms to bank transactions , NSA databases and CENT COM real time battle halo conferences. We can monitor all of it master!


eric strauss said...

boy those last two comments were really insightful.

anyhow, your infrequency of produce is effective. It makes me eager to download your new stuff.


short. very very short.

I have a lot of anxiety about our collective future right now. I think that the world may be doomed. I worry for my daughter...


mental-escher said...

previous two comments were spam attack- ooops, forgot to delete (they gone now).

HatHead said...

doody - rawking work! groovy dj style mixing too.

i have blog rolled ya!