Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pandemic Two

  • Flu Info from Indiana University,
  • Acoustic Flu Song to get you in the mood,
  • Pandemic Phase II. Plans for Hegemony revealed,
  • Breaking News: Asian Epidemic,
  • Daily Show - Flu Episode,
  • Outbreak!
  • Go back to Flu 1.0 with Olde School SARS Song ala "Don't Stand To Close To Me!",
  • CNN reports: Impose Quarantine, then burn the carcasses,
  • Microbiologists detect militarized flu virus from the spraying operations over Florida. code name "FluChem" and the Pluri Media Group's counter propaganda wars to confuse and mislead.


HatHead said...

Nice work doody!

mental-escher said...

thanks doody-doo!

eric strauss said...

this, and pandemic one, are very scary media.

It prompted cohry to bring over a bottle of coloidal silver for me and my daughter to consume.

top notch, engaging stuff as usual.

I wonder what's going to happen. don't you? interesting times we live in.


mental-escher said...

Flu avoidance tips: get some Tamiflu just in case, don't forget to get your flu shot... er... and don't sleep with chickens or other 'fowl'!