Monday, November 07, 2005

Anomaly in the System - cpr episode #19

LO/rez updates the Cortex on recently detected Anomalies. There are network anomalies manifesting at numerous unicity points with in Cortex. We have scanned for Stream ciphers, Self decimated generators, and even Zero knowledge protocols, but are as yet unable to locate the source of the anomalies. We continue the circuit level gateways and packet filters to prevent direct infection... Cortex muses on the source of the Anomalies- ...too sophisticated for even the United States NSA agency. Freelance Russians maybe? ...LO/rez, continue boundry probes and pings to find the source of these anomalies. Also featuring Relaxarin! Just what you need for your stress filled lifestyle. And, for the rest of us- "Laid Off Magazine".

Listen to the complete episode.


HatHead said...

We at @LL Robot Radio missed the update from The Cortex in the last episode (tho it was still very entertaining - de plane boss, de place....)

Should we be concerned about The Anomaly? Have we reached our Godelian limits? Certainly packet networks are chaotic in nature, redundancy is the only defence - except too much redundancy and thus the problem becomes the same.

Also, check out the new @LL Robot Radio website!

keep'em coming o' def one!

DHP said...

Found your show last week, and began downloading all episodes. Fantastic.