Monday, January 23, 2006

Hack vTv #001 - mp4 Video

Hack vTv Episode 001 (wmv format)
Hack vTv Episode 001 (mp4 format)

The latest from the Pluri Media Group. A short (8 minute) cyberpunk spectacle.

We bring you a complete plot, characters, cyberpunk theme, providing a glimpse into the future- underground media hacking, the cyber punk genre gone feral.

Best of all- you get to SEE mental-escher and cyberpunk "radio" in the flesh!

This video is Rated "Fk, St, Sx" for use of the f word, s word, and sexually "suggestive" scenes...

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keywords: cyborg, robot, transhuman, war, disaster, robotics, animation, video, music, politics, future, defwheezer, Movies, Flash, indy, media, science fiction, media hacking.

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