Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cyberpunk Radio #69 - Cyber Snooping

Data thievery via USB “tics” deployed to infect government and corporate networked printers.

USB “Tic” – Small unobtrusive USB nub. Push on to any USB (or even olde school serial) port. Once attached, they cannot be physically removed without destroying. These Tics first infect the network with self evolving decryption agents. These agents in turn create a backdoor for subsequent intrusion of the compromised network. Check USB ports on the printers you yourself are networked to, in your subconscious attempt to be assimilated, and see if you can find our calling card!

Printers are generally accessible and thus a preferred deployment target. Printers also provide a perfect decryption mechanism as documents are by definition decrypted upon printing. Through judicious use of this and other techniques, the Pluri Media Group has created the “Information Exchange”, a sort of Black market in all forms of Information. Corporate secrets that impend stock price valuation- fluctuations in which can and are being readily capitalized on through short term stock transactions.

Government systems are especially vulnerable to our Network Tic technologies. Thoroughly infiltrated in the US, the information we harvest from government and military networks provides a steady stream of high value content, for which there is an insatiable demand for access to by both corporate, rival government, and other, more nebulous groups.

Also through these means and others, we continue to provide to you the latest in the future of the present. From the Pluri Media Group, Cyberpunk Radio SF, and Hack Virtual TV. Signing off.

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Anonymous said...

I can find 6 ports to where a tic can attach on a usb connection