Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cyberpunk Radio #72 - Cyberpunk Poets

Fresh off the inter-ether node of the Pluri Media Group's black fiber feed, some cyberpunk poetry from Anima Mechanica


yes here we are at last: a dream in chrome,
pulsing red-light heartbeat and a mind all of our own,
motorcar muscles, an encrypted soul
that’s colder than Cyberia’s electric snow
when binary blizzards rage through outer space.
yes here we are: tin soldiers, cybernetic
slaves, spreading like a virus through your
wire veins, weaving our world-wide web to leave
the earth in chains—the system’s failure
could have been foreseen—belching out
heavy sighs of toxic smoke, to mushroom-cloud
above an earth once green. now meat prevails
no more, and now the database
has spawned a million copies of a
master race. once flesh has frozen, iron begins to breathe.
one day the jets will dart into the sky,
and leave the pilots standing on the ground.
as angels stretch majestic scaffold wings,
the exodus of mankind’s bastard son Machine
will leave the father, mother, holy child,
to starve among the ashes of the barren world.

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Yeh, and more cyberpunk radio mind washings for your meatpleasure.

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mental-escher said...

The cpr version of this peom had the phrasing modified to ease the text-2-speech conversion and the meter was also altered to synch better with the background music track. The Poem as shown above is the original (anima mechanica) authors' form.