Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hack vtv: "Clinton and McCain = More of the Same"

America Decides 2008!

With the united states of America 2008 election winnowing process well under way, the Puri Media Group present a straightforward analysis of the lead candidates.

As we approach the critical 2008 elections, the fundamental similarity between the anointed front runners Hillary Clinton and John McCain is revealed. Democrats, and America, cannot afford to screw up again. Bush’s blatant, and thus transparent, disregard for the rule of Congress (eg, the Rule of Law) and the people has revealed a common agenda. The World cannot afford a continuation of wanton unregulated slash and burn capitalism. We also cannot afford a continuation of the “Long War” on “Terror”- it’s bankrupting America much as the Cold War bankrupted the USSR and led to it’s collapse.

Democrats, Independents and Republicans need to rally for a new era in Washington politics before it’s too late. The divisive polarized politics of the past must be minimized, and Obama has the personality and Leadership to do that. Clinton and McCain represent the bitterly partisan politics of the late 1900s. Obama is a President who can lead America proudly into the 21st Century and start to repair the damage done by George W Bush and his ilk.

Obama is by no means perfect, but we don’t have the luxury of perfect, and Obama is the one candidate who admits that in politics as in life, “none of our hands are clean.” But we need to send a clear message: Unite for Change- let the power brokers that we, the people, still have a voice in our world politic.

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