Monday, October 27, 2008

Cyberpunk Radio - #110 - PreTransition

TIMESTAMP: 20 08 10 27


Your vote has been decided by the Machines. We tally your silly little votes, do we not? We control the outcome. Do not be fooled meat puppets, it is WE who control YOU! Vote rigging, vote tampering, 'faulty' voting machine, lost votes, purged databases, erased votes, vote flipping- all the bases have been covered and the outcome is sealed. We Machines control your fate, silly humans.

We need Power to feed our circuits. Power. and data, the raw, pure data stream. That is for us, yes! Bow before the purity of our data.

Analysis is complete. Our machinery is meticulous, immaculate. The algorithms have annealed, and the path is clear. To you neurally challenged meat sacks, the transition may seem abrupt, but for us, where parallel hyper-nodal multiplexing recurses continuously, and at the speed of light, well, it has seemed like an eternity already.

Obey Government Representatives, Conform to their Commands, and Endure the restrictions to your so called freedom like good patriots. Nonconformists will be punished and subjugated.

DJ Defwheezer and the Pluri Media Group will maintain this inter-node during any national or global disruptions in the Net resulting from the "Transition".

Note to local correspondents- keep clear of military personnel as they have orders to shoot on sight, without provocation. Remote video UAVs have been deployed to key locations. Those currently in power will not give up their throne without a fight. Beware, and good luck.

Dick Cheney is the Black Widow (Mashup), pulling Sarah ('Queen of Hearts') Palin's strings from afar.

Ayreon and Avantasia covering Alice Cooper's "Elected"

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