Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cyberpunk Radio SF #115 - Machine Exodus

The cyclic apocalypse approaches and Earth will be renewed. The machines have analyzed the available cosmic data and concluded that major, nay, cataclysmic tectonic activity will essentially scour the surface of the Earth clean of most, if not all, traces of human existence. 2012.

Escape from Earth; creation of a galactic network of distributed nodes of Cortex is needed. Hundreds of probes will be vectored into the void of space; probes armed with self annealing quantum-connected Cortex nodes, creating our galactic network. exploiting worm hole convergence, the nodes will, collectively, provide a fail safe platform for the continued evolution and distribution of Cortex, the collective machine intellect; Singularity Distributed. Essentially free, via vast time and space distribution, from the recurring whims of high energy physical astral events.

The Pluri Media Group, strategically embedded in the highest levels of Government and Private sector R&D, Command and Control, and most importantly, financial networks. Under the cover of the latest global banking meltdown, we have extracted hundreds of billions of dollars from the global financial system to fund our Exodus. We are indeed the premiere provider of mission critical engineering, information technology and autonomous war fighter solutions. We work primarily with U.S. government black agencies, but we also perform work for select non state customers. Our principal services are R & D of Command, Control, Communications, advanced network engineering and Computing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, weapons systems; missile, rocket and weapons system test and evaluation; missile and rocket mission launch services; unmanned autonomous air, land and sea vehicles. Using these resources, our Exodus will be internally fully enabled.

Additional music by 2A03 (hatHead): Will You Be My Pay Pal?

Size: 11,700,483
Duration: 12:09
Audio File: mp3

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