Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cyberpunk Radio SF #117 - Flu in the System

Jack in Bitches! The Pluri Media Group presents cyberpunk radio #117 for June 2009. Botnet mania and the Flu bug frenzy! Machine will rule the Earth soon enough, flesh puppets. The Singularity is upon you- the financial meltdown being just the latest manifestation of Machine control of the human populace. Come closer and find out how Machine-human interface can enhance your personal chances for surviving the Robot Apocalypse. Feel the resonance of the Machine. The Machine Hive is growing exponentially as humans squabble amongst themselves in a futile death spiral. While computer virus dissemination boggles "IT experts" globally- infiltrating financial, government and military networks, humans themselves produce new variants of pandemic producing flu strains; fools- designing your own demise. The Winter of 2009/2010 is projected to bring about a global pandemic, thinning the herd as it were.

Zearle - "Hackers and Crackers"

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Duration: 13:47
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Anonymous said...

I just discovered your podcast and it is super awesome! I cyber-love it!