Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cyberpunk Radio #133 - Drones, Famine, Cannibalism.

Drones in your colon- the all pervasive surveillance society provides reassuring oversight of most public areas in both RL and VR. Meanwhile GovernoCorportate entities accumulate, collate, analyze and resell every aspect of human-machine interaction regardless of whether it is active (Internet, TV, Credit Card, etc.) or passive (CCTV and other image capture devices, for instance). Do you feel safe and well served yet? When do you realize that the corporate media knows how to manipulate you, and in fact has countless resources to recursively tweek their "messages" until you respond appropriately and remain compliant consumers.

Global climate change and food species depletion induce famines and displacements, eventually leaving survivors to survive as cannibals.

Famine and cannabalism sweep the world as food sources are depleted through over fishing or destroyed by changing climate patterns. GMO crops are mixtures of insect, plants, bacteria, viruses- incorporating into humans and the environment. When all the food is gone, the only meal remaining will be each other. Can you taste the (human) bacon?

Artist: Chris Korda
Album: Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong

Size: 32 MB
Length: 22:11
mp3 File: cpr133


Anonymous said...

I do not understand how you misunderstand.
99% of Americans now support the impending Plutocracy and His Grace, the Last Emperor. Please, I beg you, look at America with eyes open and tell me who has the wealth and power. Is it the "Bush" crowd everyone refers to, or is it, as I believe, those presently in power? America will embrace the plutocracy because they have been told the big lie enough times for it to become the only truth needed.
Ask yourself, "How do you kill 11 million people?" Answer it and there may be hope for Europe. We in America are doomed.

DJ Defwheezer said...

"His Grace, the Last Emperor"... You are showing your true colors here. It should be clear to most that those in power in Washington are appointed to provide material support to the Corporations of Amerika, nothing more. Obama has little or no control over most of the career folks in NSA/Pentagon/JSOC. Thank the Dark Lord Cheney and his lapdog GWB for enabling the use of 9/11 to pass the Patriot Act etc that sealed the fate of the US(Corp)A.

Tim Gross said...

another excellent show- I hope there will be another soon to report on PRISM- the zettabyte proto-Matrix- the meat-sacks will be redundant- their true souls encoded in PRISM's immensity - now we know why the DHC bought over a billion bullets- and why the CDC is stockpiling millions of disposable coffins-