Monday, June 27, 2005

June 27, Podcasters on Podcasting

Our first collaborative effort takes on the subject of "Podcasting", a not always gentle ride through the shrubbery.

In order of Appearance:
Mental-Escher Pluri Media - Editorial
ME Intro, backing music by The Robot Subwaymen "She's Part Bionic"
Feel good Girl leads us into the thick of it!
Joe Hansen
Apocalyptic "preacher"
Viking Youth Power Hour
Presidential Weekly Radio Address
Tinkoff Radio
Behind The Scenes -
VideoGameNews Radio
VOX Monitor - Editorial
ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Area 51 - Douglas Scott editorial
Escape Pod - SF Satire on Podcasting
Adam Curry - Dude
Wikipedia - Definition of Podcasting
Jeff and Pat came late, and go back in time…

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joe said...

really enjoyed this :) and quoted it in our latest podcast...