Wednesday, June 29, 2005

June 30, Mad Cow and the "Beef-up!" Conspiracy

Meat Industry Media Brain Washing Conspiracy!

The term 'beef up' is temporarily not sanctioned for mass media use!

Mark these words! You will not hear “beef up security” “beef up the military” Beef up education”, etc. on any major broadcast network. Some other verbiage will be substituted so as to keep your mind off the beef industry and its nefarious secrets! The meat industry is a prime example of the subliminal effect mass media has on society. “Beef up” used to promote sales of Beef products by mass media and the government (thanks lobbyists!). Listen closely to the language and images used by mass media and government officials and you can easily see the overt, but looking closer you can also perceive the covert, messages being beamed at you incessantly. However, I bet we won't being hearing the term 'beef up' any time soon in the media- coincidence, or…?

Done 'Beefing Up' security- now we're 'jacking up' stuff instead? weird but true!! Open your ears and hear for your self!

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