Sunday, June 05, 2005

June 4, Machines and Creativity

Previous mp3 had some missing sections (Damn the NSA! they somehow got a worm into my data space and, well, you know...). Sorry for the inconvenience. The updated pc is linked in the title of this post "Repost of June 4, Machines and Creativity"


Continuing exploration of people, machines and creativity. This show is focusing on music.Lead in music: roboticsubwaymen - "Symbionic", Poem 1 by TB788-E10-D, cybernetic musicians (Adapted from: Raymond Kurzweil), Defwheezer reggae Original - "I and I is the Robot Kind", CGI contruct 'Kyoko Data' (code named DK-96), Kyoko Data renders "Tatu (I'm a) Robot".

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