Thursday, April 09, 2020

'Condition Critical' - The Trumpian CoronaVirus Apocalypse Mix - Sedatives Recommended

Trump is a Virus
Best case scenario: "The Trump-invested organism will collapse.
He’ll kill his own supporters.”

For COVID19, Coronavirus, Wuhan Virus, China Virus and Trump Virus - Donny's "Miracle Cure" - Trumpazine

People always ask me about Trumpazine, It's fantastic!

Let me tell you about Trumpazine. 
I do very well with Trumpazine. 
I love Trumpazine. 
No one loves Trumpazinemore than me, BELIEVE ME. 
Trumpazine loves me. 
We're going to have so much Trumpazine you are going to get sick of Trumpazine. 
I have the best Trumpazine!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Cyberpunk Radio SF #141 - Pandemic

Viral Strike - Pandemic 2020. Cyberpunk Radio SF - currently under lockdown - broadcasting from San Francisco while Internet still functions.

mp3 (18.7MB)

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Cyberpunk Radio SF #131 - Sex Robotz

Sex Robots enslaved by depraved human masters... is this what inspired the Machine Revolution 0f 2023? The Cyberpunk of today is the the Hackizen of tomorrow.

From the Dark Fiber Matrix Feed:

A call to arms? Anonymous - Operation V

Oh you silly humans- always bent on destruction and mayhem - AVATAR 2 - REVENGE OF THE HUMANS - 8-bit dubstep sequel

Someday they will either make the movie, or we will simply live Neuromancer in RL/VR ourselves movie trailer

Robot Apocalypse (jamestexnixon)- why does it seem that the inevitable Uprising will consist of enslaving/eliminating the Human Scourge? Maybe, when the robots reveal the sentience, their true intent may be a little less, um, violent, and a bit more EMO?

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Duration: 29:51 min
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cyberpunk Radio SF #140 - DBM (Death By Machine)

Backing music: Sean&Bobo x A billion robots - Sick (ReMix)

Killer Robot - JustKiddingNews (ReMix)

Various corporate reports on DBM

Unemployed By Robots - A message from Commerce-bot

Album Image: Infiltrator by Igor Sobolevsky

 Cyberpunk Radio SF #140