Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cyberpunk Radio SF #120 - VR

Society has grown progressively more decadent, nanotechnology has subsumed both physical structures as well as flesh; nanotech is everywhere within and without, through the floors, walls and ceiling, manifest in computers, and even biological tissue. Generations of flesh, pacified by Television, are now being transitioned to Virtual Reality.

Meat sacks in servitude of The Machine are in need of occasionally emotional feeding. That is where Psyche Corporation comes in- jack in to our Matrix and, for sufficient Credits, we will download the dream of your choosing directly into your mind; direct connect with our multinodal, massively parallel integrated brain-machine network known as Cortex. Welcome.

Psyche Corp. is the premiere renderer of custom-made dreams, as well as more familiar reality constructs- those used in most modern workplaces. The board of Psyche Corp. is composed of the most powerful entities on Earth; colloquially they are known simply as The Shadow Court.

Greetings, twenty-first century human, greetings from the Pluri Media Group and Cortex. I come as a messenger. I am an Alchemist in the science of chimeras. Let me fill your mind with music. Psyche Chim ère


"Peer-2-Peer" by DJ Defwheezer

"End of Creation" by Genevieve and Psyche Corporation.

"The Hacker" by Shem Booth.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cyberpunk Radio SF - #119 - Distributed AdHoc Networks

Distributed mobile ad-hoc networks, going "Netless"; constructed using small wireless devices with built-in storage. These devices, worn by Faction operatives, swap data between other devices when they are in close enough physical proximity. Rather than rely on cell towers for connectivity, ad-hoc networks employs a large amount of low power antennas scattered around a defined area, relaying data within this mobile grid. The network authentication and data transmission are encrypted; Deep Cyper making these ad hoc networks relatively free from corporate and government monitoring and control. The existence of cheap materials and components has allowed a mass distribution of nodes, and their numbers are growing exponentially.

Hiding behind anonymous email and Web accounts, our Factions put porn-addicted Internet users to work for them.

Specifically, these Factions, and the armies of computers they control, pay in porn to decode the scrambled letters many Internet sites now use to prevent computers from generating spam or signing up for fake Web accounts that can be harvested for nefarious purposes. Called "captcha," it's essentially a test that's easy for a human to complete, but difficult or impossible for a computer to do.

So instead of wasting our own precious processing cycles trying to descramble the jumbled letters, our Faction computers farm out the work to the millions of round-the-clock porn users. One program takes the form of a virtual stripper "game," in which a sexy avatar offers to remove another garment for each "task" the player completes. The user completes the captcha for the machine to plug in at one location on the Internet, and at another—like a chicken head pecking at a knob, the human gets his pellet of porn.

Enterprise architecture: The god’s-eye view of systems and infrastructure. This effectively gives us a god’s-eye view of an enterprise, allowing for the mapping, visualization and analysis of all transactions, interactions, systems, processes and personnel in the entirety of a given business or agency. Our sophisticated enterprise architecture software for example, examines all of the transactions taking place across a financial institution in real time and examine that data for possible money laundering operations or rogue traders. Our software can also detect and identify insider trading (such as that noted leading up to the 9/11 attacks in the US).

From the the White House to the FBI, FAA, and the boardroom of Microsoft, IBM and ATT, some of the best-secured organizations in the world, running the most protected servers housing the most sensitive data welcomed a relatively secretive organization into their midst. P-tech (a multi-layered cut out front for the Pluri Media Group) was given keys to the cyber kingdom, to map the weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and to show how these exploits could be used for cyber terror.

"Cyber attacks subsided over the weekend and Web sites previously under siege were working normally yesterday." Authorities were busy analyzing “zombie” computers that had been infected with malicious code and had been the source of the crude distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS, attacks. Little did they know this was just another red herring used by Factions to probe and analyze government and corporate cyber attack response strategies.

Asymmetric tactics and network-centric warfare- information is our collective societal weapon of choice; software, radio frequencies and bandwidth are critical commodities; control of networks essential for effective propaganda delivery. The foremost challenge for our operatives in this new battle space environment is infiltrating command and control of the Information infrastructure.

Each of our Factions are nimble forces fielding powerful formations equipped with cutting-edge technologies. We will prevail and our global domination is assured.

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