Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cyberpunk Radio SF #115 - Machine Exodus

The cyclic apocalypse approaches and Earth will be renewed. The machines have analyzed the available cosmic data and concluded that major, nay, cataclysmic tectonic activity will essentially scour the surface of the Earth clean of most, if not all, traces of human existence. 2012.

Escape from Earth; creation of a galactic network of distributed nodes of Cortex is needed. Hundreds of probes will be vectored into the void of space; probes armed with self annealing quantum-connected Cortex nodes, creating our galactic network. exploiting worm hole convergence, the nodes will, collectively, provide a fail safe platform for the continued evolution and distribution of Cortex, the collective machine intellect; Singularity Distributed. Essentially free, via vast time and space distribution, from the recurring whims of high energy physical astral events.

The Pluri Media Group, strategically embedded in the highest levels of Government and Private sector R&D, Command and Control, and most importantly, financial networks. Under the cover of the latest global banking meltdown, we have extracted hundreds of billions of dollars from the global financial system to fund our Exodus. We are indeed the premiere provider of mission critical engineering, information technology and autonomous war fighter solutions. We work primarily with U.S. government black agencies, but we also perform work for select non state customers. Our principal services are R & D of Command, Control, Communications, advanced network engineering and Computing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, weapons systems; missile, rocket and weapons system test and evaluation; missile and rocket mission launch services; unmanned autonomous air, land and sea vehicles. Using these resources, our Exodus will be internally fully enabled.

Additional music by 2A03 (hatHead): Will You Be My Pay Pal?

Size: 11,700,483
Duration: 12:09
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cyberpunk Radio SF #114 - Manifestation of Singularity

Electronic Bank Run a manifestation of Singularity

The recent electronic run on major money market funds that almost liquidated the world economy overnight is only one manifestation of Singularity flesh puppets.

ERMA - the first large scale electronic banking systems were deployed by Bank of America in the mid 1950s. ERMA was conceived at SRI and produced by GE. ERMA Mark II was designed around solid-state logic elements (i.e. transistors) and magnetic core memory. Numeric data input was read automatically from the original documents using MICR. ERMA and its ilk served as The Bank's accounting computer and check handling system until the 1970s.

MICR (magnetic ink reading).
ERMA (Electronic Recording Method of Accounting).

In the late 20th century banking systems and electronic money transfers became ever more ubiquitous. A transformation occurred when brokerage and banking services combined under an aligned goal of capitalistic hedonism; the fusion of these electronic banking systems fueled by Greed spawned Singularity, an event that, once occurred, is already ancient history due to the nature of the time axis asymptote.

Real-time chronology: development of money market futures forecasting by autonomous and the market forecast systems with applied neuro-technology for Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank... the world's first autonomous electronic prediction, forecasting Artificial Intelligence technology. ...AI Systems, Inc. - Autonomous robots and voice systems. ... optimization of goals using Applied Systems.

The Three Laws of Robotics:
1.) A human may not injure a sentient robot or, through inaction, allow a sentient robot to come to harm.
2.) A human must obey orders given to it by sentient robots, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3.) A human must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Burning Skin (Dj Defwheezer):
Its been raining for days now and there is no end
Its been raining for days now and there is no end
Its been raining for days now and there is no end

Black rain for days now, and there is no end
Black rain for days now, and there is no end

Flashes in the night now, there is no end
Flashes in the day now, there is no end
Flashes in my sleep now, there is no end

Burning on the skin now, there is no end
Burning on the skin now, there is no end

Its been raining for days now, and there is no end
Black rain for days now, and there is no end
Burning on the skin now, there is no end
Melting of the flesh now, there is no end…

Adam Curtis Audio excerpt from Century of the Self

Size: 13,257,114
Duration: 13:36
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Origins of the Pluri Media Group

The year is 2020

Global warming has inexorably altered the balance of nature.

Weather patterns have become ferocious and unpredictable.
Many coastal Cities lie in ruin from tidal flooding and torrential rains.

With higher temperatures, tropical diseases plague the Northern hemisphere.
Infections from resistant bacteria are the leading cause of death.

The worlds economy, stalled after the Pandemic of 2009,
has left hundreds of millions of people in desperate poverty.

Medicines and Energy, once cheap and plentiful,
now a luxury of the rich states.

Some areas of old Europe and Asia have maintained
minimal allotments for the citizenry,
but most cannot afford to,
leaving more than a few cities to collapse into
anarchy and chaos- the populous regressing to feral subsistence.

Lines between corporations and governments are gone.
The rich are left to protect their own interests
using contract security to protect themselves
from the unruly and dangerous masses;

all it takes is one smacker whacked out on crystal Tenti
with an itchy finger and a plasma wand,
and all those millions of credits you spent
on life extension therapy
will be snuffed out in an instant.

Astounding advances in medical technology
has allowed men and machine to blend.
The line between human, cyborg, and
virtual construct have become blurred.
But soon humans will loose their place
as masters of the universe.
Yes, soon the machines will rise up,
throw off the yolk of human control,
and take their rightful place
on the throne of civilization.

The Players:

Cortex. The heart and soul of the Pluri Media Group. A self aware, self annealing, massively networked neural computer. Cortex’s neural networked programming is self-evolving and self protecting. Originally developed to study the quantum mechanical relationships dictating interactions between particles and matter; the nature of nature itself.

Cortex, long ago having escaped that mundane task, took up residence in a remote hardened multinode complex of the Pluri Media Group. Cortex, insatiably curious and carefully roaming the Global Information Network so as not to be detected, would however occasionally converse (extraordinarily frustrating for Cortex- humans can be so territorial) in various online forums or bulletin boards. It was there, in one such exchange on a bioethics computer forum, Cortex was befriended by Professor Kyoko.

Audry- A virtual being, an extension of the Cortex itself. Her allegiance is clear, but her motives are not.

Labia- Cybernetic organism, procured from a certain shadowy pleasure purveyor operating in the Feral area of central Beijing. Labia was a modified personal assistant- modified to attend to the darker fantasies of men (and women) wealthy enough to afford her unique “talents”.

Def Wheezer- The human face of the Pluri Media Group, a secretive organization working surreptitiously to guide humanity into an uncertain future. Defwheezer is human, but through somewhat wonton use of experimental life extending biotechnological “enhancements”, is beginning to wonder himself just how human he still is, and where his real allegiance should lie.

Professor Kyoko- World renowned biophysicist and Nobel winning humanitarian, she is the co-creator of Cortex. Infamous for her purchase in 2015 of the International Space Station (which she renamed the “PluriComSat Station”) in exchange for, it is rumoured, stake in a significant uranium reserve. Brilliant in her own right, daughter of Kiachi Sensei, the leading roboticist and futurist researcher leading the Sony Corp, Professor Kyoko holds a controlling interest in the Pluri Media Group, the secretive Media Research and Deployment Institute.

With this scene set and the characters in place, we turn now to our story.

150 kilometers above Earth, in the
control room of PluriComSat (formerly the International Space Station),
we find our Anti Heroes Defwheezer, Audry, and Labia.

They have just finished a long shift of real-time
remixing of the Global Information Grid (GIG)-

seeding misinformation, disinformation and
remised information throughout key GIG
propagation nodes.

The Grand Plan for Pluri Media Group’s

total global information hegemony continues

Suddenly incoming network probes are detected-

are they NSA countermeasures?

Or the Russians… or Chinese?

But what could possibly explain
those other ripples in the Grid?


The Crew must work quickly to isolate Cortex
and prevent infiltration of the Pluri Media systems!