Saturday, August 27, 2005

Aug 27, Secret Government

  • TacoMan from Ebola World brings us Hanety and Coumes, Parody of the Right wing biased media elite on FOX and Ruppie. Check out Ebola World for the flash animations- their site is like the Daily Show on Flash.
  • Imagine - MoveOn.Org, An Uncommercial message from the Left wing biased liberal elite.
  • Fog Of Reason, Fog of Reason, Fog of Information, Fog of the Future.
  • Secret Governments and the Constitution At Risk (Moyers-Bot Mash), A little mash-up of Bill Moyers brilliant expose on the CIA and our Secret Government. The CIA has been around a while and gone through several introspection's over the years regarding it's accountability, specifically to the White House, in clandestine activity aimed at overthrowing governments around the globe. Since 9/11 2001, the potential is unprecedented for this Secret Government to come into it's own in a spiral to the New World Order Police State.
  • Echo Chambers - Defwheezer (Mental-Escher.Net) and Incestuous Amplification, How does media affect YOUR perception? Another exploration in experience (not necessary to try to understand, just let it wash over you).
  • Sigue Sigue Sputnik bush missile f111, Shake the Bush one more time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Aug 17, On Keeping Humans as Pets

Defwheezer central gratification node of the pluri media server: On Keeping Humans as Pets, Experiences of various constructs with their human pets: The constructs Jeff and Pat from This and That- on their pet myDog.Shotgun and his impending "procedure", The contruct Eric S gets intimate with his pet myCat.Moitertons, and the contruct Greg van Eekhout and his pet myDog.Airdale.Dolly

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Aug 5, Cliffnotes for CyberpunkRadio Episodes #1-9

Rev Up Reviews does a detailed review of CyberPunkRadio, our featured submask within the Mental-Escher Pluri Media Group Matrix. Paul J gives a thorough hashing of each episode (sans spoilers) and concludes "...Mental-Escher and CyberPunkRadio are unique in podcasting, and thus MUST be recommended...".