Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cyberpunk Radio #87 - Cyborg Cheney (mp3)


Late last night the Vice president was rushed to an undisclosed medical facility to undergo “emergency treatment”. Dick Cheney was said to have been in a “critical but stable” condition. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in line to succeed Cheney as vice president, was unavailable for comment. President Bush, in a cryptic comment, said he was “praying for the soul of Cheney”. Pluri Media News Reporting.

VERBOT RAW DATA STREAM SYNTAX: US VP Dick Cheney rushed to hospital[TIMESTAMP]. Condition critical/stable. Undisclosed location. Government in crisis. Pluri Media Group News reporting. [GLOBALTIMESTAMP];Singularity index 0.8B3

Reference Excerpts:

I am Cyborg Cheney! Better than Human, bitches!
I am now the duly swore President and ceo of the Corporation of America
If you got a problem, in terms of,
about me being the new chief, if you will
then you can go fuck yourself.

I will be assembling a new management team, er, I mean “cabinet” within the week.

Until then martial law will be imposed
Dawn to dusk curfew

Violators will be dealt with appropriately.

Now you can go back to your brainwash er, excuse me, I mean television programming

You are safe in our hands

Trust me, if you will, in terms of your safety"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cyberpunk Radio #86 - If You Only Knew

David Rovics and assorted antiwar soundscapage