Sunday, July 29, 2007

CyberPunkRadio - #89 - End of the World - Meat Harvest (mp3)

From the Pluri Media Group Archives.


History speaks of Galactic Masters who left in the framework of the calendar an advanced culture and a galactic code, synchronicity of the planets, the cycle of the galaxy.

One full galactic ‘turn’ describes the circumscription of a given celestial object relative to the core of the galaxy, and is inclusive of the conventional 3 Dimensions along with the time-gravity influence.

The magnetic polarity of a given celestial object is determined by the polarity of the galactic core it circles. As the object passes through the electromagnetic “equator” of the galactic core, it may experience fluctuations in it’s own otherwise stable polarity. Changes in polarity result in the planet shifted on it’s rotational axis, what once was frozen tundra could shift to jungle, and once fertile regions now frozen polar wastelands. As the molten core of the planet slowly changes directions, tectonic mantles grate together, sparking massive volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

 Our computer systems deconvoluted the cyclic nature of extinction events. From the Aztecs, who had inherited their calendar from the Maya, the Maya attributed their incredibly complex calendric system as well as their passion for studying the solar system and astrological divination through numeration and the repetition of cycles to another people whose origin was lost in the dim past- (Sumerians) who in turn were instructed by (Nephilim), supremely technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings.

 Cross referencing untold quantities of data, the Pluri Media Systems, Controlled and organically modulated, by Cortex itself- the heart of the Pluri Media Group Matrix Hive.
 Turns every 63 million yrs, 5125.4 yr “eras”, the deconvoluted calendar confessed the final 5,125 year cycle prior to the next turn started in 3113 B.C. - A.D. 2012
 The Maya-based Aztec calendar places S in the center of the calendar. S represents a point of synthesis. We are currently in the thirteenth cycle, the cycle of the Transformation of Matter spanning the years 1618 to 2012. The last subcycle of this Age began in 1992 and ends in 2012.
 The glyph for this final subcycle of the galactic ‘turn’, as it were, a turn inclusive of both conventional 3D and time, is Storm followed by Sun; a period of intense darkness followed by one of light.

This is where we are today, in the grip of a power made apocalyptic idiot king and his hatchet man Dick, Dick Cheney, VP of the corporation of America. As the world is consumed by a headlong rush to out consume each other into the final death spiral of self annihilation.

But take heed meat puppets, your world will be harvested of flesh soon. The cycle will begin again. The periodic visit of the harvesters- harvest meat. Yes. Meat. Whether it’s dinosaur or human, they care not- meat is meat. And this planet earth is ripe indeed… with meat. Best harvested prior to the impending cyclic extinction event. TIMESTAMP: 20 07.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

CyberPunkRadio - #88 - Independence Day in the Corporation of America (mp3)

Independence Day in the Corporation of the USA, 20 07

Working Class Hero - Exit Clov,
Freedom in the Corporation of America - defwheezer,
Freedom - Harry Shearer,
Proud to Be UnAmerican - Emcee Lynx,
Ballad of Cable Hogue - Calexico