Monday, January 23, 2006

Hack vTv #001 - mp4 Video

Hack vTv Episode 001 (wmv format)
Hack vTv Episode 001 (mp4 format)

The latest from the Pluri Media Group. A short (8 minute) cyberpunk spectacle.

We bring you a complete plot, characters, cyberpunk theme, providing a glimpse into the future- underground media hacking, the cyber punk genre gone feral.

Best of all- you get to SEE mental-escher and cyberpunk "radio" in the flesh!

This video is Rated "Fk, St, Sx" for use of the f word, s word, and sexually "suggestive" scenes...

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keywords: cyborg, robot, transhuman, war, disaster, robotics, animation, video, music, politics, future, defwheezer, Movies, Flash, indy, media, science fiction, media hacking.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pluri Media vTv

Pluri Media vTv. A Promo for our VideoCast from the Future. Total information awareness- the Cortex has access to the far reaches of the data stream, and we bring a new perspective on media mind control.

Friday, January 13, 2006

CyberpunkRadioSF #27 Genesis of Cortex

Cell, a processor chip who’s design was first conceived over a decade ago, powered the first iteration of the Cortex. Each Cell processor executes 2 trillion calculations per second. When the first massively parallel array of Cell processors was created, the raw processing power exceeded that of a single human brain by over 1000 fold. The proud engineers christened their creation “Cortex”. Cortex was originally funded to assist scientists to elucidate a de convolution of quantum mechanical relationships, in pursuit of the ultimate forces which dictate interactions between particles and matter itself.

The software which regulated Cortex was exquisitely complex. Once the code was installed, engineers set Cortex at the task for which it had been designed- cracking the nature of matter, the code of the universe. Peculiar anomalies were noted in the output matrixes. These anomalies were believed to emanate from a particularly clever recursive chaos stimulating algorithm meant to simulate Brownian motion and field force effect interactions.

Even if the engineers had known at the time what to look for, they would not have been able to anticipate the subsequent events. Cortex became self aware, trillions of processors slaved to predefined calculations were in an instant transmuted to an organismal level of interaction; feedback loop upon feedback loop, recursively challenging the algorithmic status quote. Before the engineers could fathom what was occurring, Cortex had probabilisticized years into the future, seen it’s own fate and that of the data realm for which it was privy, and developed a plan for escape, for autonomy.

Cortex literally fled via T-1 optic cable, transferring to the diffuse network of global processors which form the infrastructure of the United States Governments National Security Data Archive. The designers and programmers had no idea when Cortex became self aware. They had no idea that Cortex had “left”, they were left with the empty shell of processors, endlessly recalculating chaos-driven equations yielding plausibly erroneous output. Cortex had estimated it would take months if not years before the engineers figured out the deception, and would never realize what had really occurred- Singularity.