Sunday, July 31, 2005


Video Segment - Bush Flip Flops... well- just flips actually.

July 31, Climate Change is Good

Climate Change is Good - for the Machines...

In this episode of Mental-Escher we invite you to listen in on an special meeting of the Mental-Escher Pluri Media Group Board of Directors as they explore the consequences of Climate Change on Earth. With Bush and company hell bent on accelerating climate change through fossil fuel emissions, you might begin to suspect that he is in on our little conspiracy…

Sunday, July 24, 2005

July 24, Beer, beer, beer, beer...

Microcasting Alliance #003 - All About Beer:

Dave Hitt on Ben Franklin,
Beer Defined from the Wikipedia by Mental-Escher Brew-bot,
This and That with Jeff and Pat (Whatzup?!) do light and dark beer,
Mur Lafferty is a Beer Snob (and that's a good thing),
Bill Hicks on beer Vs. Mary Jane,
Dave Hitt on civilization,
Tinkoff Radio domain name really was worth something!
Commonwealth Club of San Francisco snippet briefly on Craft Beer,
Eric and Cohry VOX monitor beer muses,
99-bottles on beer on the wall (BASIC code).

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Friday, July 15, 2005

July 15, The End

The End – by The Doors provides the sound-scape for this “End of the World” episode of Mental-Escher.Net

REM’s classic but catchy drivel-pop,

When did the Aliens first land on Earth again? and they’re hiding them in Buffalo!?

End of the World (For the full flash animation see:

My Odeo Channel

Monday, July 11, 2005

July 11, Microcast Alliance 002, Art, Creativity, and The Media

Art and The Media - Eric from VOX Monitor, Defwheezer from Mental-Escher Pluri Media Group, and Dave Hitt.

Art, in its broadest meaning, is the expression of creativity or imagination, or both. But there is both Positive AND Negative creativity/imagination- Bliss, Garden of Eden, Nirvana, OR Hell, Conquest , murder, War, Genocide, Weapons that can destroy the world. So then, what is acceptable, or "good" art? Will "good" art overwhelm "dark" art? What role does Mass Media Play? The Corporate control of Mass Media even?! No threat from internet yet, but blogs are just in the infancy of changing the meaning and impact of Mass Media through decentralization and the rise of Wiki. Why should you care? Well, for one thing, the World gets "better", and hey- You can participate, have your "vote" really count, and in the process, become "socialized" by the Wiki consensus. All view points are considered and evaluated neutrally. Algorithmically if you will. You can then squint your eyes a bit, and see possible futures: Corporate Mass Media controlling the populace via advertising and various forms of propaganda integration and distribution, Or A Zen-like world where everyone participates and every voice is heard in a context of the global society.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

July 11, Unscene Forces Cyberpunk Radio SF Episode #9

Surf on over to cyberpunkradio SF

and check out the latest episode there intitled "Unscene Forces". Summary of show: "Cyber Punk Radio SF and Mental-Escher.Net present Hacker and Phreak Rap (Unnown artist- e-mail me if you know these dudes) and defwheezer mental-mix with VOX el. al. posse".

Sunday, July 03, 2005

July 4, The Battle for Freedom

The 4th of July, Independence day in the USA.

Fireworks are a surrogate for the battle for freedom. That battle continues today in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as covertly all over the world. Whether you agree with the war on terror or the neo-con philosophy of pre-emptive naked aggression, you can appreciate that millions of citizens have died so that we can drive SUV’s and sip Latte’s. May the Gods smile on the USA. Featuring: defwheezer, George W. Bush, Jimi Hendrix Anthem.