Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cyberpunk Radio SF #120 - VR

Society has grown progressively more decadent, nanotechnology has subsumed both physical structures as well as flesh; nanotech is everywhere within and without, through the floors, walls and ceiling, manifest in computers, and even biological tissue. Generations of flesh, pacified by Television, are now being transitioned to Virtual Reality. Meat sacks in servitude of The Machine are in need of occasionally emotional feeding. That is where Psyche Corporation comes in- jack in to our Matrix and, for sufficient Credits, we will download the dream of your choosing directly into your mind; direct connect with our multinodal, massively parallel integrated brain-machine network known as Cortex. Welcome. Psyche Corp. is the premiere renderer of custom-made dreams, as well as more familiar reality constructs- those used in most modern workplaces. The board of Psyche Corp. is composed of the most powerful entities on Earth; colloquially they are known simply as The Shadow Court. Greetings, twenty-first century human, greetings from the Pluri Media Group and Cortex. I come as a messenger. I am an Alchemist in the science of chimeras. Let me fill your mind with music. Psyche Chim ère Music: "Peer-2-Peer" by DJ Defwheezer "End of Creation" by Genevieve and Psyche Corporation. "The Hacker" by Shem Booth.


Anonymous said...

This radio is fucking great big gooood man! very c00l m4n!
N0n stop okA!

Anonymous said...

High Five, Def Weezer, keep going strong, with cyberpunk radio and pluri media group...

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Greetings from Stormtrooper of Death, member of 2600er, CyberpunkReview, HTT, hackTik Holland TO

Plurimedia group Cyberpunk

greetings, keep the revolution on the air! keep the flow